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Foreigners residing in Indonesia with temporary stay permits or permanent stay permits are entitled to a Driving License or Driver’s License, also known as Surat Izin Mengemudi (SIM). Basic requirements for this license application include passing both practical and theoretical tests and being 17 years of age or older. There are four common classes of driver’s license in Indonesia: SIM A, SIM B1, SIM B2, and SIM C. Foreigners must provide an original passport, driving license from the country of origin or international driving license, a copy of the latest entry stamp to Indonesia in their passport, and a doctor’s note of good health. The procedure for obtaining a driving permit is to go to the police station in the city or region of residence and provide a health certificate. Foreigners in Indonesia can apply for a driving license on their own, but the procedure may be different from their home country. InCorp Indonesia can assist them with the process, which is hassle-free and faster as an experienced professional will apply on their behalf. The driving licence in Indonesia is also known as a Surat Izin Mengemudi (SIM). To get your SIM, you need to pass a theoretical test and a practical test. The theoretical test is written in Indonesian language and requires you to choose between True and False. The practical test includes driving zig-zag, driving straight forward and backward and parallel parking. After the tests, you will be asked for fingerprints and have your signature taken. Finally, you go to the bank to pay for your application.

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