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Retirement Kitas

Retirement Kitas

The KITAS Retirement Visa is needed by foreigners who come to Indonesia to retire and want to spend their time living in Indonesia. It has a longer duration than other KITAS and allows retirees to open a local bank account. The process is relatively simple and the requirements are fairly straightforward. Foreigners who violate the stopover rules will be subject to sanctions, with a maximum of 5 years in prison or a fine of IDR 500 million. Retiring on an exotic island surrounded by sun, sea and sand is a dream for many people, and Indonesia is one of the most attractive places to do so. To obtain a Retirement Visa, applicants must be at least 55 years old, have no plans to work in Indonesia, obtain valid life and health insurance, sign a lease agreement for 1 year, hire a maid or domestic helper, and provide proof of funds either by pension or deposit to a minimum value of $18,000 USD per year / $1500 USD per month. Benefits include the ability to enter and exit the country freely, lease land, and open a bank account

Retirement Kitas

Standard Retirement Visa (319).

2,5 Months
IDR 14,000,000

Express Retirement Visa (319).

40 Days
IDR 18,000,000

List of Countries Who Can Get a Retirement Visa

South Africa,USAArgentina Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Netherlands Brazil Brunei Thailand Bulgaria Cyprus Denmark UAE Estonia Finland Hungary India UK Ireland Iran Greece Icelan Italy, Japan Germany Canada South Korea ,Kuwait Lichtenshtein Luxembourg Maldives, Malaysia Malta, Egypt Monaco Norway Oman France Philippines Poland Portugal Quatar Russia Saudi Arabia New Zealand Singapore Spain Suriname Sweden Switzerland Taiwan

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