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PMDN (Domestic Investment)

PMDN (Domestic Investment)

PMDN (Domestic Investment) is an investment activity to do business in the territory of Republic of Indonesia which is carried out by domestic investors using domestic capital. Domestic Investment or PMDN is a form of business entity that is most widely used for various types of business activities in Indonesia. PMDN is considered to have the clearest legal basis and is the main choice for Indonesian investors who wish to develop their business.

• Several characteristics of PMDN :

Minimum Capital Requirements

– Can run up to three lines of business

– The minimum capital used is a minimum of IDR 50 million

– Can be a KITAS sponsor

– Have a minimum of two shareholders (Individual or Legal Entity)

– Have a company structure of at least two people (Commissioner and Director)

– PMDN is generally carried out in the form of a business entity in the form of a legal entity.

Required Documents:

• Requirements for Establishing PMDN:

– Company Establishment Deed from Notary

– Company Domicile

– Company NPWP

– Letter of Approval of the Minister of Law and Human Rights

– Investment Principle Permit

– NIB (Business Permit Number)

– Copy of KTP (Identity card) + personal shareholder NPWP

– Copy of KTP (Identity card) of Directors and Commissioners

– Certificate of Domicile from the Building Manager, if the office is in a building

– Proof of ownership / Lease Letter

– Final IMB / PBB

– Name of Company, Address and Office Telephone Number, Line of Business, Company Capital, Composition of Shares, Composition of the Board of Directors.

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